Alan Dreezer ‘Any Way I can’ single review

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Single Review

I’ve always liked Alan and smiled when he reached out asking me to review his newest single Any Way I Can, which drops September 9th.

I’ve not long known him. We connected a few months back and he sent me a song to listen to. He has always come across to be hard working, capable and open to critique, which is so important in this game. It makes any working relationship with him so much easier.

The song starts a collection of vocal harmonies before Alan enters ‘the room’. His voice is inoffensive, soft, trustworthy and easy-going. The chord progression he has chosen for this track makes it a noteworthy listen. Alan has decided to take a few musical gambles with this record, and it pays off, It’s this progression, which sets this song aside from others of Alan’s I have heard.

In this song Alan cleverly combines the spirit of big band and soul with ingredients of a more modern pop outfit. Think strings and soulful harmonies but electronic drums, hand clips, clicks and organs. It’s fair to say this song could be played pretty much anywhere and it would suit its surroundings. Any Way I Can is an audible chameleon, which is a massive achievement for Alan.

It isn’t a particularly daring record, but Alan makes no secret of flying the flag of being uncomplicated, laid-back and full of character. What I like about him is that he’s seen a potential market for himself and he’s really gone for it.

The song ends suddenly after a chorus, which was a welcome surprise. I was expecting a fade out or big classical-styled finish. I don’t know what prompted him to do this, but I think it gives the song a bit more depth, edge and helps it stand out . The finish made me instantly made me want to listen again.

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