Jordan Red ‘Hands that Built The World’ single review

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Single Review

This was my introduction to Jordan’s music. I was sent the lyric video (which is fucking sick by the way) and listened around 10 times through because the song grabbed me so hard by the balls! (Not physically.. obviously). 

Jordan kicks this record off with an absolute face-melter of a riff. It’s epic, heavy, tight, clean, enchanting and everything you’d expect from a well-produced 21st century rock record.

Within just 14 seconds of having my insides vibrated from the bass and kick drum, the song takes a back step and the flawless vocal steps in to take centre stage.  The drums turn to just hats and a rim shot with the atmospheric guitars sitting in the background just enough for me to know that the song is building to something quite spectacular.

At this stage, just before the chorus, Jordan demonstrates how he can effortlessly present the listener with light and shade in his music; a talent that I don’t see often from an unsigned artist.

The chorus drops and I am wide-eyed, holding my breath being taken on a journey with the band. I’m totally and utterly emotionally invested in Jordan Red. I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but I’m there with him.

The chorus finishes and we’re back to a verse. I feel like my eardrums have just had every single cobweb blown off them, and at this stage in the song I?m thanking Jordan for blowing me away.

The song is a magnificent feat for Jordan. The musicianship behind this daring, catchy, magnetic and unbeatable performance is off the chart. Every part of this single is perfect for me. At 3mins 15, it’s perfect for radio, its quality is uncompromised and it’s a sound that sits comfortably in-between You Me At six and the Foo Fighters.

The ending with the dry vocal makes me want to hit rewind and listen again, and again, and again (which is what I did!). It’s not often I don’t have any negatives to say, but with this track, I honestly hope that Jordan is selling out venues left, right and centre once COVID is over. 

Jordan has stumbled across something very special with this record and I hope he continues to push he’s newly acquainted signature sound. Make sure you see him live when he gigs! I know I’ll be there.

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