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Kid Hyena – Beat Manifesto

by | May 4, 2021 | Single Review

What I find most endearing about this release is that the entire video is shot on a single static camera in black and white with (what appears to be) a flood light providing all the lighting requirements. It seems to have been filmed in some sort of abandoned basement or cellar. The small windows and bare brick gives it that almost horror-movie kind of feel. 

The track starts with a glitchy, heavy synth and the Kid Hyena Logo. 11 seconds in and the two members of Kid Hyena are partying away. I would urge you to watch the video and listen to the track at the same time, before just hearing the song alone. I feel the video adds another required layer and dimension to enjoying this spectacle. 

The song itself is certainly an audible nod to the 90’s UK rave scene. Whilst it was softer, I could absolutely hear hints of The Prodigy in there too. If you were or are into that infamous sound, you will get this. The guys pour lots of personality into the video by constantly changing instruments, dance routines and the chunky cuts in the edit room make it all that more intriguing.

At 2 and-a-half minutes, I would say this record is the equivalent of a musical energy drink. Once you have consumed it, you might think “what the fuck has just happened?” but you might also think “I need more of that”. If I were choosing one of the two, I would gladly sit with the latter. After listening to Beat Manifesto, I must say the energy behind what they have visually provided is enticing enough for me to want to buy a ticket to their next show. It is raw, it is out-there and I don’t think there’s enough of that at the moment. For me, there are a few production points I would have personally tweaked (bass and snare up for a start). However, I can not deny that this powerhouse of a duo has left an uncertain taste in my mouth… but it’s an uncertain taste I need more of.  

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