State of Millenia – Light it up

by | May 5, 2021 | Single Review

I have been an emotionally invested fan of State of Millenia for a while now, so was extra-stoked when the guys asked me to review their newest single ‘Light it up’. 

The introduction to this record is executed perfectly. I put my headphones on and I straight away reached for the volume to turn it up. It was powerful, focused and well thought out. Every musician effortlessly complimented the other. It led so nicely in to the vocal. The guys turn things down and allow the snappy, yet airy bass to take centre stage which worked flawlessly. The vocals are accompanied by a synth and a pad which adds a real layer of luxury. Things are almost a bit 80’s at this point, which I was not expecting. It was a pleasant surprise.

The track takes a nose dive off a cliff, travelling head first towards a powerful, ballsy instantly catchy chorus. The only downfall is that the vocal is too quiet throughout. It sounds like there are some beautiful harmonies that are dying to be heard, but amongst everything else that is happening, they cannot quite see the light of day. The kick drum, whilst notably busy, sounds like it is on the verge of distorting. There is a lot of gut, but no attack – but I’m nit-picking. 

The atmospheric scenery created at the halfway point is genius. I cannot get enough of the bass. The player is like an Essex version of Tony Levin – I’m not going to lie. If my ears could cum, they would have. The song then jumps back in to the chorus followed by a half time groove with some super cool guitar harmonics and outstanding vocal screaming. It allows the boys to really sell their distinctive sound for a final few seconds before they let the guitars ring out leaving the synth to make one final appearance as the song comes to an end. 

From the word ‘go’, I knew I was in the presence of future rock gods when I hit play. Their ability to mix emo, thrash, 80’s and prog in to one song was remarkable. I really fucking hate it when bloggers, reviewers or lazy music journalists say ‘oh these guys are ones to watch’… but… State of Millenia are ones to watch

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