WREX – Wide Eyes (released May 14th)

by | May 5, 2021 | Single Review

Having worked for the BBC and broadcasting for Radio One, BBC Music Introducing, The world Service, 6Music and elsewhere within the corporation for over 13 years, it became apparent that, for artists wanting airtime, the introduction to a song is as important as the chorus. Wrex’s new single ‘Wide Eyes’ totally abides by those rules. In the opening few seconds the duo open fire and take no prisoners. It’s punchy, exciting and care-free and everything that pop-punk needs to be.

Firstly, Mae’s voice is beautiful. When her vocals started my ears were instantly on their best behaviour. I had no desire to do anything else other than to close my eyes and fully submerge myself into her sound. She hosts a perfect mix of raw and graceful. Wrex have cleverly created a sound that corners indie, rock, punk and nu-metal with this new single.  The chord progression, whilst predictable, allows the song to support the introduction of other ongoings without the listener becoming distracted, including a synth, beautiful harmonies and freedom for the drums. 

The chorus is flawless. I can imagine these two provide absolute fireworks on stage (I will be seeing them). From a production point of view, I would have liked to hear a bit more bass, but on the other hand, I think the treble-heavy approach does compliment the track. I also absolutely love the beatdown section. It took me right back to my four year strong days, but with a more modern twist. 

The song ends with a final chorus which leads to the synth taking centre stage for the last few seconds after the rest of the instruments have stopped. 

I’ve always loved Brighton, but as Wrex are from there, it’s given me another reason to visit. I think this song is impeccable and it is a true achievement for George and Mae. If you are looking for your new favourite pop-punk band, they are called Wrex.  Go and see them while their tickets are relatively cheap, because sooner than you think, they’ll be stadium worthy. 

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