Jack in Water – If I cared

by | May 7, 2021 | Single Review


Over the years I’ve grown fond of Will Clapson (aka Jack In Water). He is one of the most charismatic, beautifully gifted, brave, intense, sensitive and wonderful lyricists I have ever known. Jack in Water has a way with both words and music which needs to be celebrated in every home across the world. His voice boasts both colourful and rich tones that he has perfectly mastered. I often wonder why Jack in Water is not on day-time Radio 2 or BBC 6 Music. Because he bloody should be.  

Talking you through my first listen 

The track begins with a Coldplay-like pad followed seamlessly by the vocal, and before we know it, our journey into Jack in Water’s brand-new single has begun. Accompanied by strings, guitar and drums, which are being thoughtfully stroked by brushes, the song is off to a spectacularly strong start. At just 18 seconds in, ‘If I Cared’ is already a faultless, immaculate and pure victory in Jack in Water’s back catalogue of already faultlessly crafted songs. 

The first chorus starts, and I am hooked. His luxury vocal harmonies accompanied by the soft touch of the rest of the tracks ongoings delivers nothing short of audible ecstasy. The chorus comes to a halt and the song continues sailing down a river of musical paradise. 

As the song progresses, as does Will’s vocal. At 3 minutes 25 seconds in the volume is turned up. The drums turn from being approached delicately with brushes, to a powerful African beat across the snare and toms focusing nicely on the offbeat with shakers and a hi-hat keeping the groove going. The open armed welcome of a horn section is short lived as the song ends living just the strings, a choir and an organ hitting the last note as the song finishes.

Jerry, I mean, Ollie’s final thoughts

Will Clapson (aka Jack in Water) is a fucking mastermind. Do not try and replicate his sound because he has already perfected it. Every piece of music he creates further secures my place as a lifelong fan. This is by far Jack I Water’s most epic and cinematic piece yet. I don’t know how he can get better… But thankfully for us mere mortals, this is just the beginning. 

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