Greebo – Settle Down or Knuckle Up

by | May 17, 2021 | Single Review

A warm welcome

 I was aware of Greebo’s work from a previous life, so I was interested what this Colchester based 3-piece were bringing to the table. They have always bought a sense of melodic attitude to the table which I was excited to hear how it had matured. 

90’s grunge meets horror

The record starts with this haunting-like guitar plucking gently away but building suspense. A crash cymbal is hit which introduces the vocal. The song title is repeated twice by the lead vocal. This mysterious sounding song quickly turns bright at 33 seconds in where the guitar changes slightly and the bass is introduced. 

All apart from the bass drop out at 1 minute 4 seconds. Quickly, the rest of the instruments are reunited to build up to the chorus. For me, the drums let this down slightly. It would have been cool just to hear them played simply, but what we’re left with is a drum fill that is ever so slightly out of time. However, this is rescued when with the return of the vocal and the introduction of a great sounding synth played low down the keyboard giving that almost muse-like feel. After the chorus, we’re back that signature sounding guitar sound, followed by the entry of the second verse. 

At 2 minutes 30, a truly spectacular sounding fuzz-guitar takes centre stage for a solo. This is followed by the name of the track repeated on a few occasions. This leads to an energetic, grunge-like ending from the guys. The song ends with all members finishing at the same time leaving everything to ring out. 


I think this song certainly has millage. I would have like to have heard a bit more TLC in the production room (especially on the drums) after the guys had finished recording. I believe that Greebo have something interesting in their hands with their sounds which, with a bit of nurturing could perhaps land in the hands of the likes of 6Music, Radio X or Planet Rock. I like the groove in this record, and how they are making the whole track feel somewhat uncomplicated and easy. I would love to see where the guys are in 12 months’ time when they have been out and gigging for a little while. Overall, it’s a true nod to 90’s grunge with some modern twists.

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