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by | May 17, 2021 | Single Review

The beginning

This was my first-time hearing Hollyy. When they emailed me asking me to do a review for them, I did not know what to expect. I was asked to listen to and review their single “beach” taken from the bands 2020 EP “Miss The Feeling”. 

The perfect chill out track

From the start I was instantly taken by the bands mature approach to creating a cocktail of soul and beach-hut pop. The record starts with a guitar playing a nice little riff and dreamy, distant vocal, the bass with a hi hat softly keeping everyone in time and introducing the listener to the pace of the track. There is also the most gorgeous Rhodes on this record too. 

When I was listening to this for the first time and I thought about the analogy “beach hut pop”, my initial findings were accurate, as the video loop that they have on their Spotify if this very 70’s-like cartoon of a sun rising over a beach with a bird flying past and a cool little palm tree. The band have been very clever about the PR behind this record. Everything is nicely wrapped up in a spectacularly well-presented package. 

At 2 minutes 15 seconds, there is a brief, but most pleasant guitar solo, adding a layer of blues that is exceedingly plush. Straight after, the vocal comes back in, allowing the listener to continue their journey of ‘Beach’. For me, one of my favourite parts was towards the end of the record when the band introduce the saxophones. I would have loved to have heard them introduced a little bit earlier, but that is purely because they just sound so, so good. The record comes to an end with some lovely vocal harmonies, guitar, drums, bass and sax seeing everyone out. The famous Rhodes that I fell in love with earlier is the last instrument to be heard as everything finishes. 


When I was about 7 or 8, I used to attend a regular jazz afternoon in sunny Southend-On-Sea (obviously not unattended haha). As a young musician and music lover, I stood in awe of these local musicians just playing everything with such precision and perfection. It wasn’t until I heard ‘Beach’ that I have had this feeling. On a personal level, it made me feel quite nostalgic. The musicianship boasts serious disciplinary and precision. The vocal is instantly catchy, the mix is great, the use of the saxophones was totally unexpected. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with this record at all. It’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon. 

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