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by | May 17, 2021 | Single Review

Lu.Ci (pronounced Lucy) was new to me. But thankfully, finding new artists is something I had spent over 45% of my life doing over 13 + years at the BBC. Firstly, is a musician who clearly knows the importance of a strong social media presence (yep that’s right, you wanna do well in a cutthroat 21st century music business, having the numbers across your socials is almost as important as the music itself – I know, I know, it’s a load of unfair wanky bollocks, but it is what it is). With over 18,000 followers on her Instagram, it was clear why she had such a loyal following. Her posts range from being thought provoking and powerful to hilarious and cheeky. never compromises on losing relevance, which again, is so important in this game. 


The record starts with a slightly distorted indie sounding guitar with little vocal teases tickling the ear drum panning from the left to the right ear. The opening vocal comes in and with the first line being “you cannot control me” I can already tell that Lu.Ci has a message from the heart to deliver. Prior to listening to the track, told me that the song was written about being in a controlling relationship and having to leave. She explained that once you are no longer with that person, you find your value and you are free to be yourself. 

As the vocal commences, as do the drums. The song isn’t rushed. It’s a slow pace allowing to take full ‘control’ of her listener, taking them on a poetic journey through her newest single. The use of her vibrato is well judged and not overused. The production was great too. The drums particularly interested me as they mixed a sense of glitchy drum and bass and laid-back hip hop. 

Throughout the track, uses some exceptionally pleasant vocal harmonies which creates a sense of opulence and richness. The gated strings used throughout the song also keep the track rolling, enabling the listener not to get distracted by anything outside the realms of their headphones. 

The song ends with the same guitar we heard at the intro. This creates a real full circle moment. 

Thoughts and future

I guess my only bit of critique would be to change the tuning of the line “with me”. I think its unnecessarily busy and perhaps approaching it with just one or two notes, rather than tailing off into several, would sound more effortless, in line with the rest of her track. is a bulldozer of an artist. She strikes me as an extremely strong, hardworking woman who takes no shit, and this is reflected in this song. I am sure that’s fans are eagerly awaiting her to announce some live dates, and with the war on covid finally coming to an end, I have no doubt that will be up and down the UK as quickly as possible.’s new single control is a victorious mix of melody and poetry. 

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