Charade – Anything I Want

by | May 26, 2021 | Single Review

This was my first introduction to Charade (aka Connor Chambers). A London based singer songwriter who I was unsure what to expect when he asked me to review his newest single ‘Anything I Want’. I’m always most excited at the prospect of listening to someone I have never heard before, but it must be said, from the moment I hit play I was absolutely blown away. 


The record starts with a dream-like riff and some distorted vocals. I’d say the style of this particular part is almost like a nursery-rhyme. It’s delicate and peaceful. However.. this does not last long. 

At 15 seconds the song explodes with a massive wall of production. Everything can be heard perfectly and the tone on the bass is just perfect. It’s slightly distorted and I could not have picked a better sound myself to go with this track. The vocal is full of both attack and melody. The song is slow, but because of the pace of the vocal, it feels like a much faster song. This was a very clever move. 

The song starts with a chorus which is a cool move. It really accentuates the fire and passion in this newest release. After 50 seconds we’ve experienced a huge build up, a massive chorus and then things take a step back for the introduction of the first verse. 

The chorus quickly comes around again and those powerful lyrics about “him” thinking he could have anything he could want, yet not wanting anything are once again displayed to us. In the mid-8 there is the introduction of a xylophone alongside some lovely vocal harmonies. There are no drums, just the xylophone, vocals and a pulsating distorted bass. It’s like all the rules of the 1980’s thrown into the 21st century. 

Just as I didn’t think any more instruments would possibly make an appearance, a brass section joins Charade for the last couple of choruses. The song is finished with just the lead vocal and a piano playing one last chorus. 


For me the song has so many pros. Its length would be perfect for radio. It’s snappy, punchy, thought provoking in its lyrics, it’s well-produced, it’s exciting and I don’t think there’s much of this particular sound in the scene at the moment. 

My only critique would be that the brass section is a bit too busy and whilst it is such a small point to make, it was the only thing I could think of that I’d change.

Overall, this was an amazing effort, and I cannot wait to see what Charade has up his sleeve for his next release. 

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