Thunderous Jones – Out of sight

by | May 26, 2021 | Single Review


Thunderous Jones were a band I’d been aware of for some time now. They’d been one of those bands that had always been mentioned in my social circles, and when I got talking to them, I was excited to, and review their newest track, Out of Sight


From the opening second, Thunderous Jones provide a little taster as to why their drummer should be held in the highest of esteem. The drum introduction was so precise and was perfect in getting my immediate attention (think Alex Bent vs Chris Adler). Then straight away, the bass and guitars drop in. The vocal chants are almost battle-metal like, which lead us to the main vocal at 30 seconds in with the continuation of the vocal chants of “hey”. 

The production on the guitars is like chocolate cake and I honestly don’t know how better to describe them. They’re rich, smooth and everything you’d want from a guitar. 

The vocal melody against the screaming works incredibly well in the chorus. It’s a little like Killswitch Engage at this point in the record. I don’t think this is necessarily reinventing the wheel as such, but I also don’t think that’s what Thunderous Jones are trying to accomplish. They’re working with a well-established sound and giving us their spin on it. 

The mid-8 is absolutely my favourite part of the entire record. Everyone and everything work just so, so well here. The introduction of the strings, the vocal harmonies, the guitars. Just everything at this point is absolutely fucking awesome. The vocal chants also changing between the left and right ear with this is such a great 

After the colossal mid-8, the strings continue into the last chorus which I loved. They added such a layer of musical indulgence and richness. For me, from the mid-8 onwards is where the song is at its strongest. Could not fault it. 

The track ends suddenly with a very short guitar ring out which, for me, was a perfect ending. With tracks that are generally over 4 minutes (and this is 5mins 11) I think a fade out can be particularly unimaginative. But this ending… yeah.. I loved it. 


For metal heads, grungers, fans of nu-metal, emo, goth, hardcore, thrash, prog and pretty much any other sub-genre of metal or rock that you could think of, Thunderous Jones rise to victory this new release. I would politely ask them to consider touring with an orchestra. 

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