Tom Auton – 9 til 9

by | May 26, 2021 | Single Review

Like so many artists that have approached me for reviews, Tom Auton was another name I was unfamiliar with. I knew that he’d had a lot of success with his prior release ‘Victim Of The Groove’ (go and listen to that by the way) but as far as sitting down and getting my teeth into it, this was a first time for me. Tom certainly comes across as a super nice guy and his socials tick over nicely, keeping consistently relevant. 


As mentioned, this was the first time I’d listened to Tom so I had no idea what to expect from him. I pressed play and the sentence that genuinely left my mouth was “fucking hell”.. but it was a good “fucking hell”.. it was an amazed “fucking hell”. I could not believe the groove of this record. I could not believe the level of production that Tom himself had produced. The thick bass, the perfect melody in the vocal, the soul-like chorus, just everything worked so, so well. 

So, the record starts with Tom counting us in (1,2,3,4) before the beat drops. Already we hear bags of personality within the first second. Then before we have even had a chance to wonder what could happen next, the chunky, fuzzy bass leads the entire record and Tom delivers a well-crafted powerhouse of a riff followed by an impeccable and immaculate vocal performance with the most mesmerizing harmonies in the background. 

Lyrically, 9 til 9 is about Tom working 12-hour days on his music trying to make the record meet someone else’s idea of ‘perfect’. It is certainly a lyric which I think anyone in the arts can absolutely relate to, which makes the song even better. 

Whenever I write these reviews, I try so hard to find something to pick out some sort of critique or feedback… but on this occasion, I just can’t. There is nothing I can say that I do not like about this record. In fact, as soon as its released (May 28th) it is being added to pretty much every playlist I have access to on Spotify. I could not like this song more. 


Tom has been a total genius with this. 9 til 9 is like a more electronic and tuneful version of Royal Blood. I think so highly of this record that I’m genuinely unsure if Tom is even capable of understanding how totally gorgeous this track is. He has cornered so many markets in one track. Rock, pop, funk, soul and electronica. I cannot wait to hear more from him. Keep doing those 12 hour days Tom… they’re paying off! I will absolutely be seeing him live. 

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