Kasey Jane – Break My Heart

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Single Review

Kasey Jane is an artist I used to regularly champion over on BBC Music Introducing. I distinctly remember hearing this song just once and playing it two or three times on the show. Break My Heart is perfect for radio. In length, in likability and in style. Kasey really delivers with this, and as a first release, it’s massive. 


As I said, Break My Heart was a track I’d had the opportunity of playing on BBC Introducing a handful of times. It’s got a real touch of Rudimental’s ‘Waiting all night’, but with a much softer approach on the production. The use of the old church organ very much reminded me of the Deadmau5 / Rob Swire record Ghosts ‘n’ stuff. So, if you’re a fan of melodic drum and bass, then Kasey will be right up your street. 

The song starts with a faint vocal melody repeating the line “break my heart” a few times. Whilst the vocal line continues to repeat there are some great little synth loops tickling the ear drum with a slightly distorted church organ and bass holding down the key notes. 

At 12 seconds in, Kasey’s vocal comes in and the drums begin to bubble under the rest of the record getting progressively louder and louder until 41 seconds which is when the first chorus hits. It’s powerful, immediately likeable and a sound that would make you want to start dancing straight away. 

Kasey does a fantastic job of not over singing throughout the record. The melody (especially the chorus) is a real hook and absolutely spot on. Her voice is nicely carried and supported by everything else that’s happening in the track (and there’s a lot – listen with headphones!). Kasey’s ability to not over-sing and provide a well maintained, stable vocal performance is a real testament to her mature musicianship which should be celebrated. 

Whilst the song isn’t necessarily experimental, I found the mid-8 to be one of the most interesting parts. I really love the way that all the instruments drop out and for that moment it’s just a raw Kasey Jane (and some clapping, naturally). I would have liked to have heard a bit more of that.

The record ends with a guitar playing chords on the offbeat and a synth pad holding down chords as Kasey repeats the line “break my heart”.  


My honest concern is that this upbeat / electronica / drum and bass sound has been done a thousand times over the last decade by the likes of (as mentioned earlier) Rudimental, Deadmau5 and even artists like Culture Shock. I know how hard Kasey has worked on her music so the last thing I would want is for her efforts to be lost because others are making a very similar sound and are already very successful. 

However, this is Kasey’s first big release and I know that as an artist she is going to grow and evolve, and I am so excited to see what she brings to the table next! From a consumer point of view, the record is great. It’s catchy, the production is fantastic, it’s fun and I’d really recommend streaming or downloading Break My Heart. This song is an incredible achievement and Kasey should be thrilled with how well she has done. I will be going to a Kasey Jane gig… 

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