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by | Jul 12, 2021 | Single Review


I get so excited when bands I haven’t heard of before ask me to review their music. Why? Because whatever the genre or sound, it’s an entirely new experience, and for me, nothing beats that. What’s even better, is when the band kicks fucking arse… or in this instance I guess I should say “ass”. Let me introduce you Philadelphia based indie / pop band Moonroof.


The record starts with an enchanting, fairy-tale like string introduction with keys delicately supporting it. At 11 seconds, a guitar and bass join the track followed by the vocal. The addition of these 3 elements do not detract from the charm of the opening, they merely add another layer of maturity. 

The vocal is almost immediately supported by enormously rich harmonies. At this point in the track, I knew that no one could not like this song. As the vocal progresses, the drums are introduced concentrating on the hats, kick and rim shot. By 52 seconds, the first chorus drops, and my god is it catchy. Whilst the band describe themselves as an indie pop group, the chorus also has a little element of punk in it too. The boys have been clever here. They’ve decided not to go for just indie and pop, but to chase other genres too to broaden the horizon of a potential fanbase.

After the chorus, we’re in to verse 2. A similar sound to the first verse, only that there is no introduction of instruments this time, the entire band are together for this one. Musically, the chorus is much heavier than the rest of the track, so creating such light and shade in this track was not only a hugely mature approach and testament to Moonroofs song writing, but also a necessary requirement for this song.

Once again, a chorus drops at 1 minute 33 seconds in. I feel the drummer ever so slightly sits on the backbeat for the chorus of this record. I don’t know if its intentional or not to create a bigger space between each beat, but something about it really works.

After the mid-8, the song the guys go back in to one final chorus which leads to the guitar, synth pads and vocals taking centre stage for the remaining 15 seconds.


Overall, this record is naturally magnificent. The chorus is one of the catchiest chorus’s I have heard in a long time – I can imagine thousands of fans chanting it in a stadium. They’ve given me one big reason to head out to Philadelphia, and that’s to go and see them live. Whilst covid has pretty much fucked the world of live music, I world urge local fans of this band to please support them when they can gig again. These guys are obviously gifted musicians and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

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